Public Lectures in September

Christopher M. Di Tecco R.Ac, R.TCMP will be giving 3 lectures in September that will be open to the public.

Natural Approaches to Dealing with Stress
Saturday September 10, 2016 2pm-3:30pm
The Studio at Climber’s Rock, Burlington
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Learn about the physiological effects stress has on your body and learn effective ways to deal with the side-effects caused by stress in our everyday lives. There is no way to eliminate stress from our lives but we can adopt very effective strategies for coping with stress as well as mitigate its side-effects.

Learn about the Chinese medicine interpretation of stress and its affects upon the physical body along with the subtle energy systems of the body. Also learn Chinese medicine approaches to dealing with stress and the “3 Free Therapies”.

Energetics of Food – Chinese Medicine approach to nutrition
Saturday September 24, 2016 1pm-4pm
The Studio at Climber’s Rock, Burlington
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A sizeable and important component of the practice of Chinese medicine is its approach to dietary therapy and the energetic properties of foods. Their in-depth knowledge of food can be summed up in the statement: “let food be your medicine”.

During this introduction to Chinese medicine nutrition you will learn about appropriate food choices and preparation along with approaches to eating according to Chinese medicine principles. Dietary adaptations suited to our modern way of life that differ from the traditional Chinese approach will also be discussed (ie: Vegetarian/vegan, raw food, juicing).

Practical Applications of Acupressure
Saturday October 1, 2016 2pm-4:30pm
The Studio at Climber’s Rock, Burlington
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Learn the location and practical application of several useful acupuncture points for your own health benefits and for others. No previous knowledge of Acupuncture Theory or Practice is necessary to attend this lecture.

Wear loose fitting, comfortable, clothing. You will learn how to locate and palpate (feel) the points on yourself and others attending the lecture. You will also learn how to stimulate the points with your hands along with other methods.

Author: Chris Di Tecco

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